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  • Posted :   Jan 23rd, 2009


    Glamour, Beauty and Style are synonyms of fashion and fashion is synonym of women. Fashion portrays women and is thought in respect to her only. But what is fashion in real and how it beautifies women is more important to know.
    Dress is the best way to express fashion. At first glance when we call someone fashionable it is with regard to her dress only. Thus fashion means latest fads in dresses. But for looking stylish to wear trendy clothes is not enough, dress should complement your body also. Hence fashion is not only about wearing voguish dresses but also much more than that. There is no use of wearing bubble dress, which is in fad if it does not suit you. It’s like purposely felling you prey to bad comments.
    Fashion industry regularly comes up with new dresses. But real fashionable dress is the one that makes fashion statement, matches your skin tone, your personality and above all your figure. For example, if you are broad shouldered, then strapless dress should be far away from you even if it is your enduring wish to wear it. Instead you should opt for broad strapped dress of any style. Similarly curvy women should avoid wearing sleeveless dresses. Also wear something in dark color instead of lighter shades.
    Likewise fair complexioned women should wear gold, silver, maroon and black color dresses as they elaborately beautify them. On the other hand, medium complexioned women should go for color dresses like beige, bronze or white. Darker skin women look good in golden copper, orange and red color dresses. It is good to wear what looks good on you but at the same time be accustomed to latest fashion dresses and colors in vogue.
    There are some dresses that will never go out of style and will act as savior for you in time of representing fashion. Like there are some pants that makes every woman fashionable, flat shoes giving short women ultra chic look and taller women stylish look, swing coat making statement for all, ankle boots that can be worn with any dress yet imparting trendy and fashionable appearance and so on. There is a very long list of fashion dresses that is too long to describe.
    Fashion world has provided ample options in dress to women to express them in different various ways. Dresses even projects emotions. For instance, short and flirty dresses represents your flirty nature, strapless dress or one shoulder dresses shows you are sexy, long refined dresses showcase your elegant behavior, jeans and shirt with jacket above it stages your tomboy image and so on. Thus it is important to be updated with all trends and dresses, so as to express you more truly.
    It’s very true that fashion is women’s world. It is so because fashion has provided her with everything she needs to showcase her beauty, emotions etc. Since the Elizabethan times the main goal of fashion is to cater women attractive look, the main longing desire of every woman. That’s why fashion is so close to women.

  • Posted :   Jan 23rd, 2009

    Every season bring some trend with it. Spring 2009 is not an exception. One shoulder dress is right on trend this season. The most appealing part that has made it somewhere apt for spring is its fun, flirty and elegant silhouette. This ultra chic, glamorous and show-stopping trend has rapidly gained importance worldwide.

    The main beauty secret of one shoulder dress is its all curve enhancing quality. It nicely falls over all curves and lend women their final destination they were striving for, i.e. projecting out their femininity. This is the reason one shoulder dress is spotted for this spring.

    This fascinating outfit will be seen adorning all shops. It is in its complete form this time sending out vibrations of promised springtime. All figures looks awesome in it whether it is short slim body, tall slender figure, petite or curvy. Likewise it graces all skin tones also. This new and fresh style of spring speaks volumes about everyone and surely going to embrace by fashion lovers for centuries.

    There are many ways of wearing one shoulder dress. Celebs gracing the pages of magazine have opened ample options in it. Various styles of one-shoulder dresses are beaded one shoulder dress, blossom strap one shoulder dress, ruffled one shoulder dress, flower decorated one shoulder dress, bow one shoulder dress and so on. Thus it’s seen that one shoulder dress ranges from sweet, sexy, simple to sophisticate all styles. Once the queen of 90’s has come up once again with the same intent of becoming queen.

    It has given great freedom to women from one of the most mind-boggling question ‘how to wear it?’ It is due to its versatile open to all figures nature. Every woman can make statement in it of red carpet rocking style. Big bust, small bust, thick thighs, broad shoulders, bulging belly etc all flaws beautifully gets covered under it. Let us see how it does so with regard to some flaws.

    Big-busted women are suggested to wear thick-strapped one shoulder dress like blossom straps one. It nicely covers your bust and does not make them look awkward.

    On the contrary small-busted women are intimated to wear thin-strapped one shoulder dress. If want to go for detailing it should be on the upper part of the outfit. It can be gathers, a bandeau top or pleated effect anything. It also gives an illusion of big busts.

    If having long waist nothing good likes it. You are free to add as much detailing in your attire. Detailed one shoulder dress looks very charming.

    Spring season is rock and roll season and needs pretty look for it. The one shoulder dress is very pretty and matches perfectly with all criteria’s of spring it requires. It is a very evoking style and gives couture like impression to your ensemble. Carry your self well in this ideal wear. Great thanks to the one suggested this style for this season.

  • Posted :   Jan 23rd, 2009

    Grooming up for any event, place or occasion is not only about dressing but includes overall appearance. Remember you are always judged on your overall looks. Though if you go in depth will find separate grooming tips for different occasions like prom, wedding, cocktail, pageant etc. But there are some general grooming tips that will be surely included with others. If at least these are incorporated in looks will uplift appearance in a great way.

    Be Clean.

    This is the most important grooming tip and is on the top list. It means washing body entirely. Even smallest part should be cleaned like inside ears, between your toes and backside of ears and so on. If taking bath everyday is not liked by you, at least clean body with sponge daily.

    Right clothing

    Wearing right clothes as per the need of occasion is considered the best tip for grooming after cleanliness. Every effort in making you beautiful to look at will go in vain if your outfit is not appropriate. Thus it’s very essential to be aware of what you should wear? Clothing greatly communicates one’s impression also.

    Avoid too much make-up

    Make-up gives a great touch up to appearance. But overdo of anything is not good. Too much make up takes out your real show and gives an image of plastic doll to you. It also makes your features obscure.

    Eye make up

    The most attracting feature of women body that firstly catches men’s attention is eyes. Thus whenever getting ready for any place surely adorn eyes. Make them beautiful by adding eyeliner, mascara and kohl to it.

    Appropriate jewelry

    While wearing jewelries take special care it should go with your body proportion. It’s very important to bring out their real show as well as of you also. If you are heavy then bold jewelries like broad necklaces, large earrings will look awesome; similarly if you are thin then go for narrow jewelries for a profound look.

    Soft hairs

    Hairs should be properly combed and made properly. They should be like as you touch them your hands run through them. For that proper cleaning of hairs is must, apply moisturizer, conditioner at least once in a week. This is the right way of maintaining them.

    Wear knee-length boots

    Knee-length boots are great for imparting stylish and fashionable look. They make nice pair with any clothing and largely enhance one’s appearance. Hence a great companion for wherever you are heading.


    Confidence is the biggest key for looking good. Sometimes it do magic like even if you are not looking good, your way of talking, behaving etc does not let your appearance come into notice and leaves everybody praising you for your doings. It is a great style icon.

    These basic fashion grooming will never let you go wrong. Very easy in applying also.

  • Posted :   Jan 22nd, 2009


    This halter gown has a great breath taking appeal of beauty. A charming and ultra feminine outfit is highly designed with embroidery and has a front slit that gives it a more sensual appeal. Deep V-neckline adds more elegance to it and makes you feel like a star and characterized by grandeur.


    Price : $750.00


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