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An Expert from our OnlyGowns: You can directly interact with our fashion experts and open your heart to them regarding any question on dressing and fashion accessories. Our panel of experts have an in dept knowledge about fashion and are much skilled in its all areas. At onlygowns.com get excellent suggestions from experienced and professional consultants to groom your personality greatly. Greatest assets of our experts are their firm dedication to fairness, usefulness and relevancy.

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I have petite height with pear shaped figure and as my wedding is near I donít know which type of bridal wear and pair of scandal will suit me. Please suggest me attire which will give a thinner and taller appearance to me?

First thing donít feel inferior about your petite height and pear shaped figure. Until and unless you donít carry a positive and confident attitude no attire or accessory will make you look beautiful. Donít choose a gown which covers your whole body as it will give you shorter appearance. Avoid too much of detailing on gown like beading. High thigh slit cut is also good choice. For necklines try for sweetheart, strapless, Queen Anne or scoop.
Pair your gown with toe pointed sandals, high heels kind of sandals. And say no to flat shoe or sandal, ballerina sandal, heavy heels and ankle cut sandal.

I have a thin skinny shaped body which makes me conscious and bit nervous to wear gowns, I donít know which gown would go better on me?

Try for A-line gowns with empire waistline. It makes you look wider. Try dark colors it will make you look bold; avoid skinny fittings as much as u can. Things to avoid is too much of detailing like beading on gowns, necklines such as turtle, notched, mandarin, peter pan. Halter or sweetheart necklines are best options.

My sister is getting married next month, and we cousins are going to be her bridesmaid. Suggest us a gown, type of gown with necklines, color too. So that along with bride even we would look charming and beautiful?

Congratulate your sister on getting married on our behalf. Being a bridesmaid is a lucky charm. Instead of trying traditional colors like creamy, whitish, gray try some vibrant and fresh colors like purple, red, pink, turquoise, golden brown, green or you can have different shades of same color for uniqueness. Keep in mind when youíll click a pic stand as per the sequence of shade.
You can try any necklines like halter, sweetheart, asymmetrical, off shoulder as per other bridesmaidís body types.

After giving birth to two kids I gained some weight on my waist and tummy side. How to hide my body flaws? Are there any such dresses available with onlygowns?

Yes we have gowns and dresses for you to enhance beauty and hide all flaws. The only point is awareness of such items and products to you. There are some mature dresses and gowns section to solve such problems and keep you as good looking and charming as you were. This dresses and gowns are known as plus size, mother gowns, two piece dresses. They are specially made for matured and aged ladies.
Try Basque or empire waistline as it will cut or hide extra weight on both the side of waist. A line dresses is good option as it make you taller and slimmer.

I have a party at my office; what kind of formal gown or dress should I wear so that it would make look sophisticated but not too fancy?

We have formal dresses collection which will make you sophisticated. It will make look ultra modern and but it will maintain your appearance of working or career oriented women. To get sophisticated and elegant appearances try out knee length dress. Donít go for fancy necklines it will change whole appearance or make look you as wearing informal dress.

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